Meet Sam’s Warriors Art & Autism

Each Saturday you’ll find Renata Irving and her son Sam at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market.  Yes, they are there enjoying the special buzz that the Farmer’s Market brings to Gilbert, but their cause is much greater.  Each week Renata spreads the word about Autism.  Sam, a talented painter, has an autistic disorder.  Together they tirelessly speak to willing listeners about the spectrum disorder that today effects 1 in every 88 children and 1 in every 54 boys.

Deanne Olivas’ blog:  offers an inside look at Renata and Sam’s day at the Gilbert Farmers Market.

Renata and Sam’s work does not stop at the Farmer’s Market.  They are out in the community volunteering their time and endless energies to the Autism Speaks Organization through Sam’s Warriors Art & Autism.  

Restaurants, businesses, friends and neighbors are listening, responding and purchasing Sam’s Warrior Art & Autism cards.  Sam’s art has been hung at Art Intersection in Old Town Gilbert and I must admit his painting of pine trees (card) brightens my office walls.

Please join Renata & Sam Irving Thursday, April 19th at 7:00 pm as the Town of Gilbert Council recognizes Autism Awareness Month in Gilbert with a proclamation.

To learn more about Autism visit: or contact the Phoenix Autism Speaks Organization located at: 668 N 44th Street, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85008, Office: (602) 685-1161

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