Senor Rio Tequila Review: Gilbert entrepreneurs

 Señor Rio Tequila is absolutely exceptional. I highly recommend trying to find these handcrafted, small batch Blanco, Reposado and Añejo bottles. The tequila is extraordinarily smooth and refined. Senor Rio Tequila is one of the hidden gems in the tequila world.

 Jonathan Gach + Debbie Medina are the entrepreneurs behind this exquisite tequila. Debbie lost touch with her father for 30 years. Several years ago they reunited in Mexico. They sipped tequila while trying to catch up on the years they lost. The tequila’s name was Senor Rio, a 200 year old secret family recipe, named after Debbie’s father. In May 2009, Senor Rio Tequila was brought to market.

Senor Rio is distilled is small batches from 100% blue weber agave grown in the arid red clay soil from the low lands in Jalisco, Mexico. Cooked in stone ovens, double distilled and packaged in beautiful bottles that are perfect for entertaining. highly recommends all three Senor Rio tequilas. Best enjoyed with friends and family with all three bottles on the table together.

Blanco: crisp + clean with a hint of citrus
Reposado: oak + honey, aged for 6 months in used Tennessee whiskey French white oak barrels
Anejo: full body + intense flavors, aged 2 years in used Tennessee whiskey French white oak barrels

When you sip this tequila, you become thankful and grateful that Debbie reunited with her father Senor Rio. It makes you appreciate family in a whole new way.


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